Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seanny's Google Nexus 4 by LG

Ever since the announcement of Google's very own flagship smartphone, Nexus 4 manufactured by LG, I told myself that I'm going to get one & I did. The high end phone with a low price point is a definite turn on , and I got mine from DiGi in February this year as they're the only Telco in Malaysia that offered this brilliant device at an attractive price, RM499 without any advance payment, but with a monthly subscription of RM148 & comes with a 3GB data plan. The price is only offered for those who have been a DiGi postpaid user for a year and above.

The more I use it, the more I'm falling in love with it, especially with its friendly features, like swype keypad, widgets, panorama & photo sphere. It was quite a tough time adapting to type with a virtual keyboard especially after using my BlackBerry for 2 years which have a physical one, but the swype feature definitely helps a lot. It's just so smooth & makes typing easier.

The panorama feature helps in taking panoramic pictures, be it a vibrant city or natural landscapes, and it can take 360-degree pictures, which means everything around you. Photo Sphere is also a cub feature to play with.

Taken using Panorama feature when having dinner at Khunthai, Klang

Taken near my working place using Panorama feature

Not forgetting the awesome Widgets feature, which gives easy access & shortcut to a certain settings or app without having to fumble through everything in the app menu.

Love the widget to control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Screen Rotation & Brightness

Google Play Music Widget allows song playing and controlling without going into the app menu

Of course I'm also a total sucker for its cool, slim & sleek appearance. Both front & back are covered with glass & the glossy surfaces give it a classy look. I especially love the back where some glittery dots are visible when turned to certain angles and exposed to lights.

Playing games is smooth, taking notes, messaging & staying connected with the world via social networks is a breeze. The only downside is there's no expandable memory, so I have to control from storing too much stuff or download extra apps.

Anyhow, I'm still a proud LG Google Nexus user & I'm using my Nexus 4 to update this post. Guess I'm gonna get a Nexus 7 by Asus in the future too.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A New Furry Member in the Family

A little furry member had joined my family on 27 November 2012. A Mini Shnauzer which I named her Bridget. Bringing cuteness, joy and laughter to us and mostly me. She was shy when she first came here but her shyness faded off a few days after and with her very accurate internal clock, she'd wake me up every morning at 7am to feed her. I don't need an alarm clock since then. Behold the fluffy cuteness below.

When Bridget first came.

Bridget sleeping soundly.

When Bridget first follow me back to Seremban and in the embrace of my sister.

Bridget sleeping hugging her Pooh Bear.

After bathing her.

We were having a restless Saturday  due to a renovation nearby.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Life as an Editor in LivingSocial Malaysia - Interlude

Happy times didn't last long as June came, our expectations and hopes were swept away. This brings back to end of May, where we were happily accepting the transition from Everyday.com to LivingSocial and working overtime wasn't a problem, not only because of the money and free dinners, but also the thought of us working together even till 9pm, filling the whole department with laughter.

With promises and hopes given to us that everything will be better, I must say we had quite a high expectation, but that was where our downfall begins. The first week of June, when Greg and Kim were here from US, guiding us on using the new system, everything was smooth and peaceful as sales people were aware of not bugging us for amendments and major changes which mostly caused by their own mistakes of not providing enough details and information. Our serenity turned chaos when both Greg and Kim left with so many unnecessary and last minute changes and laughable rules implemented, all favourable to sales, and leading to the imbalance flow of energy in the company.

Fickle minded management was of no help at all, implementing one rule the first minute, and changing it the next second. Of course they were standing on the same line as sales as they were the ones "contributing" bringing in revenue and "pay" for our wages. Somehow it was true, but without the help of MA, Editors and Customer Service, their revenue will just vanish to smoke. Most of them didn't understand the golden rule of co-operation and we are not under them but we're in the same rank which was just as important.

Thanks to the so called operation manager and director who have no interest in knowing how the system works but laughing the day off, the farewells began with one leaving 1 or 2 weeks after another, and that made up to 15 farewells within 3 months, including MA, Editorial and CS Team. This leads to the next post where farewells become celebrations and leaving a place where it’s no longer homely and undertaking risks to a better future.

Photos credit to Vincent, Caroline, Faizah, Marianne & Jasmine.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Life as an Editor in LivingSocial Malaysia - Prelude

One month had gone by since I officially stopped writing as an editor in LivingSocial Malaysia. It's a group buying site started out as Everyday.com.my which was then acquired Ticket Monster (a well-known Korea group buying site), and later LivingSocial from US.

I remember setting my first step into Everyday's office for interview after a friend, KK recommended me the few nights before and that was when I got to know Hannah, KK's colleague back then and later mine too. I kind of hesitated a while before sending in my email for the job application as an editor because I didn't know if I could write, but in the end, I somehow convinced myself in trying as I didn't know where I'd head to after my internship. Besides KK and Hannah, Tammy was the third person I knew as she was the manager who interviewed me. The interview wasn't tough as she was very friendly and it all went on smoothly like 2 friends talking to each other. My unemployment status got lifted off 20 minutes later and I let out a sigh of relief.

On the very day of 13 September 2011, I officially started work and got to know most of my colleagues. Everyone was friendly to each other and still is until the day I left. Hannah, Ai Ling, Chee Ling, Marianne, Faizah, Anfaal, Kyle, Zie, Esther, Dhashene, Si Yuan and Emma were the first batch of people I knew and later joined by Michelle, Ben and Jasmine. The company was then filled with laughter and interesting topics where most of them were related to Kyle (in a good way of course).

I began writing for Food & Beverage and my very first masterpiece in Everyday.com was Andy Noodles & Bistro selling bitter gourd noodle. Tammy kept calling me Andy that time because she got confused over merchant's name as mine. The following week, I started juggling between F&B and Items such as cook wares, gadgets, photo books, phone accessories, and electronics. Finding maps and reviews for deals were quite a challenge at times and not to mention all the Terms & Conditions could be quite confusing, but we could manage them somehow in the end with our magical abilities.

Merchant Advocates (MA) department was a big help. Without them, we would have to deal with Sales team which means nothing but headache for providing us wrong or inadequate amount of information. Thanks to Noel who started the team, Caroline and Gar Yee as they were the longest and most experienced MA to help clarify and to confirm whether the deal could go live and they'll come back to us if there were changes or amendments. I was quite surprised that Juno came in and joined the MA team but left after almost four months later. Joanne joined and changed to research team later and JC came in to replace her, but he also left earlier this year.

There were quite a number of occasions where we'd go celebrate such as Halloween, birthdays and farewells. The first farewell lunch was held in Tony Romas for KK as he finally ended his internship, and he officially joined Everyday.com as a permanent editor in October after a few weeks of much needed break. The second occasion was in TGIF, The Gardens celebrating Halloween where most of us dressed up to get a free drink. I wasn't around during Christmas but we had some fun time in the Secret Santa session. Besides all these fun events, there were some interesting happenings within our own department.

End of KK's internship.
Halloween Party in TGIF 2011.
Ice skating in Sunway Pyramid.
Tammy's note on the whiteboard while she was on a vacation.
Guessed wrongly for Secret Santa, and I had to carry Tammy but it went the other way instead.
Pictures taken from Tammy, KK, Caroline and almost everyone.

To be continued in the next post.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Sweet & Heart Warming Reunion...

A very fortunate night where most of us are gathered under the same roof again after almost five years of not meeting each other. This is all thanks to Pin for inviting us to her housewarming party where I finally have the chance to reunite with all these long lost friends. I still remember clearly how we'd striven and helped each other when we were studying in SEGi College and we planned all sorts of surprises for each and everyone's birthday. Too bad not all of them are here, but seeing some of them after so long is truly a bliss and a exciting occasion as we have our very own life to get through nowadays. It felt like we were in SEGi all over again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back In Action...

Yeah... I'm kinda back in action and here are some stuff I did after a very long break from photography. Below is a photoshoot I did for my editorial department in LivingSocial Malaysia. Thanks to Jeremy Teoh for helping me during the shoot and for the pictures above. Look how gorgeous my colleagues are and we're proud to say we're one big happy family.

Editors of LivingSocial Malaysia
I was also involved in the shooting for Souls Stories for a short film where 11 different shops in Seremban came together to advertise themselves in this short film. It's a new concept and fresh idea as these shops advertise together in one storyline.

Stepping back into the media business again and attending fashion shows like before. I was lucky enough to catch Mizz Nina and Jaclyn Victor performing live for 2 different occasions and venue.

Mizz Nina performing in the Launching of Fashion On 1 2012 in 1 Utama.

Jaclyn Victor performing in the Launching of KLCC Fashion Week 2012, Be Dazzled In Style.
Gonna have a lot more of updates soon. Hope to take more photos and expand my photography to the next level and status. It might take some time, but like the old saying says "Never Give Up". Same goes to all of you who have the passion in doing the things you love to do. Cheers ~ ^^

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bloggeroid for Android...

Trying to write & publish a post using my tablet looks fun. Thanks to the person who created this app. For Android users, you can try to go to Android Market & search for Bloggeroid. It's simple and publishes your posts easily if you're a blogspot user. I don't know if it works for other blog besides blogspot as I only have this blogspot account. You guys should really go check it out. Now I can blog anywhere and anytime I want. This is how it looks like while typing this post using Bloggeroid. Enjoy using it, Android fans. ^^

Search for this app in Android Market.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ria Got Me Riang...

Firstly, wish everyone a Happy New Year as this is the first post for year 2012. Hope everything will go fine for you & me. After a very scary & frightening moment at the ice rink in Sunway Pyramid that me & my colleagues had been planning for some time, I've decided not to go ice-skating again. I was being too cautious of slipping & falling, I guess. Well, it was still kinda fun hanging out with friends despite the phobia. We spent almost 3 to 4 hours there and my stomach was growling in hunger as I did not have any lunch before that.

So, after the skating, we went to Summit USJ and it brought me back so much memories once I stepped into the mall. How I missed my fellow SEGi classmates & friends as we used to hang out together in Summit. Then we went to Ayam Penyet Ria for dinner which is just next to McDonald's, the place where Shakeys Pizza used to be.

Ayam Penyet means smashed fried chicken and it was done so to separate the meat from the bone for easy chewing. Well, the meat was really tender and you can really chew it easily without having to struggle to pull off the meat from the bones. But the sauce was a little too spicy for me but it still tastes good. Besides the chicken, I did try on my friend's smashed beef rib and it was super nice. For beef lovers, you guys will definitely love it. The juicy & tender meat will leave you wanting more.

Ayam Penyet Ria
Ayam Penyet
Ayam Penyet with the soup
Es Campur (Ice Mix Fruits)
Besides all that, we also had Gado-gado, a kind of snack which consists of crunchy keropok and a little spicy sauce to go with them. The Ice Mix Fruits was the best dessert we've had. It's not too sweet and just enough to chill me down and energized me up a little as I was very exhausted. It's been after so long that a meal can really mood me up. If you guys wanna try really Authentic Indonesian food, then you can always opt for Ayam Penyet Ria because they really will never disappoint you.

Well, I got to get back to work now. Will post up some photo shoot I modeled last Saturday for Azrul soon. It was a fantastic shoot. Till the next post. Adios ~ ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As Amazing As It Can Be...

Food is always the door to a happier soul. How could someone resist from good food especially like the ones me and my friends had in Italiannies last night. The dinner consists only 3 of us, Jasper, Sebastian and me and we managed to eat all that we ordered which needed at least 4 to 5 person to finish them. The portion was pretty big and we were leaving the restaurant feeling bloated to the max.

Quattro Platter

Forgot what's this call but I remember it's started with 'Clam'. Lol. This is quite a tasteful dish and we loved it so much.

This is what I loved the most, Smoked Salmon Pizza. Just because it has Salmon.

Penne Bolognaise. The meat was minced to perfection and the penne were not too soft and everything blends together perfectly.
Christmas is just around the corner and our COO gave all of us an early Christmas present which I think it's kinda costly. Everyone of us got 1 Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream and we were so delighted and got a little tad of motivation to work harder. Speaking of work hard, well, I was honoured as the best editor for the month November 2011 and I got a very unique pack of reward from my manager, Tammy.

The Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream I got. :)

My reward for getting best editor: Yes To Carrot Body Set which includes shower gel, body scrub & body lotion. They don't smell like carrot though but I still love the scent. They're banned in Malaysia as they contained dead sea mud which also kinda means Non-Halal. Don't ask me, I don't know why either.
This month has been amazing for me. Gonna go to Korea soon and I just can't wait to get there especially it's winter time there. Gonna experience winter for the first time. Wahaha. Gotta put a dot to this post now & hoping to post more amzing stuff soon. Adios ~ ^^

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End Of The Year Again...

It's the end of the year again and what's coming near is Christmas. I'm not visiting Singapore this year but I'll be going to Korea with my family. Yeah... a family trip after such a long time and it's gonna be winter in Korea. Just can't wait to get there.

Now before that, some amazing events happened last month, most of them were involved with the company I'm working now. We went for a company trip in Malacca and I had a lot of fun with my beloved team mates especially the talent competition part where my team & I performed Toxic. Faizah sang and we danced. What I didn't really like was the team building games because they were very exhausting.

Taken while on the way to Malacca.

The whole Everyday members.

Kyle, KK, Hafiz, Dylan & lastly me.

My team - Everynight. Slogan is Delivering Happiness Everynight which sounds kinda wrong.
Besides the company trip, I also attended a few events like Hannah Tan's Sharing Session and Philosophy Men Turns 10 event.

Hannah Tan & me.
Philosophy Male Models & me. I feel so short & small.
Still have a lot more to update especially uploading photos, but will do so when I really have the time. Getting kinda really busy lately. Hope to bring more interesting stuff into this blog. ^^